Cooking Tips

Cooking instructions and recipes are key to helping customers have a positive first experience. Instruct customers that organic beef will be more lean, so they should cut their cooking time by a third. Ground meat must reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees. Covering ground beef will keep it more moist and more quickly raise the temperature. Use liquids (olive oil, salt water, teriyaki sauce) on grilled beef to keep it moist.

One grilling tip is to take the beef off the grill before it’s done to the desired point. The heat will continue to rise in meat for 10 minutes following grilling. Argentinian cooks continually baste grilled meat with salt water. A marinade can be used to soak cuts during grilling.



Use soup bones : Because the beef is organic, the soup bones will be more flavorful. And if you use a small locker, your soup bones will be “higher yielding.” These things are really exciting!


Costumer Profile

  • Good taste
  • Pesticide-free food (for customers with chemical sensitivities)
  • A healthy, high-protein diet (for reduction of cancer risk or for cancer patients)
  • No growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-product rations
  • Safe food with no danger of E. coli or BSE
  • Lean meat
  • Animal welfare
  • Desire to support producers and eat locally raised foods (for urbanites moving to rural areas)

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